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Mr. Edison’s invention of bulb has thrown light on the advantages of lighting solutions. A home, office, landscape, gardens, cabinets and other areas should be lighted in such a way that it enhances the effectiveness of the place and at the same time give aesthetic beauty to it. Care should be taken that we light the areas depending upon the utility value.

Lighting solutions can be divided into 5 major categories

1. Natural lightning from the sun,

2. Ambient lightning to give conducive ambience.

3. Accentuated lighting to highlight some areas.

4. Aesthetic lighting to add beauty.

5. Test lighting to enhance utility value of some areas.

1. Natural Lighting from the sun:This is the most important kind of lighting. Every area should have natural light from the sun. When natural light enters your home it keeps your home free of germs. While doors and windows play a vital role in bringing sunlight into the room, solar tubes can also be used to bring sunlight into rooms. Natural light is beautiful. Don’t miss it.

2. Ambient lightning to give conducive ambience:This kind of a lightning comes from all directions. Florescent lights can be used to give soft and warm ambience to an area. These kinds of lighting can be found in banks, offices, super markets and restaurants to give proper lighting to places.

3. Accentuated lighting to highlight some areas: This kind of lighting is used to highlight particular areas. This kind of lighting is used on tracks, hotel rooms, restaurants, gardens, landscapes, pathways, home kitchens, bathrooms etc to give prominent lighting to some places.

4. Aesthetic Lighting:This kind of lighting solution adds beauty to the whole area. Light are so decoratively placed that it enhances the beauty of the room. A chandelier is one the most important aesthetic lighting .An On the spot lighting, An ambient lighting and Accentuated lighting can also be aesthetically placed to enhance beauty. These lights can be placed anywhere to add elegance and décor.

5. On the spot lighting:  This kind of the lighting is used when you need more light to perform some important tasks. This is used in office desks, kitchen counter top, hospitals, surgery tables, make up rooms, cabinets, etc. This kind of lighting is very useful when you want do a specific job.

Lighting plays a very special role in the making a house, office, commercial building and other places. Bad lighting can cause various vision problems in due course of time. Light your home aesthetically and effectively and enjoy a bright and beautiful life.