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With rising temperatures, houses have become hot ovens. People have started turning their air conditioners on. Is your AC noisy? Don’t worry!You can contact any of AC installation, repair and maintenance service providers to set it right. Before you call them, just give a second thought whether it is necessary. In this blog, let us see what the different noises are and when it is essential to call a service provider.

Are you aware that every noise that the AC makes signify something? Some sounds call for immediate attention while others may not.

1. Chirping Sound: When you switch on an AC, and you hear the sound of a chirping bird, that means the system needs just a small warm up. You may not have used the system throughout the winter. So the machine needs a little warm up exercise. Leave it for some time. Soon you will find that the sound has faded away.

2. Clicking sound: If you hear a clicking sound that means the relay system inside machine needs immediate attention. Call any efficient AC repair service provider to fix it up.

3. Squealing sound: This sound is heard when the outdoor fan doesn’t work. Call for a NATE certified technician to set it right.

4. Screeching sound: If you hear the screeching sound of tyres from your AC that means the compressor is malfunctioning. Call the qualified service provider to set it right or else you may opt for a new AC installation.

5. Rattling sound: This may be due to a number of reasons. Any foreign object, such as stick or leaves would have got stuck in the outdoor condenser unit. Check the outside condenser regularly to keep them free of any accumulation of debris. Sometimes the fan would have become lose. This might have caused rattling sound. Old motors, bent fans, loose blades, loose belts are some of other reasons for rattling sound. In such cases, see if you can fix up the issue yourself or call for a service providers for bigger issues.

Other than these problems, sometimes improper lubrication, loose screws and worn bearing may cause weird sounds when the AC is switched on.

You would have invested a lot of money on your air conditioners. So it becomes your duty to maintain it well. Your city may have good service providers of AC Maintenance to set right all the problems. Call them, fix your AC system and enjoy a cool summer.